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To those who are into message encryption, download steganography apk file for android for free here and start message encryption on your android smartphone. Steganography app is a lightweight app. There is no need to have worries about storage space, RAM or internet data bundles you will use to download it. It is a great app and is a free version. Download steganography apk file for free now available here on Apk Press.

Steganography is an app that basically for message encryption. Steganography app conceals a hidden message or image behind or within another image, making it very hard for someone to realizes what is actually hidden behind the decoy image. This ensures that your message or private image you sent is only meant for the eyes of the designated recipient alone. Steganography enhances privacy in message encryption, making it Avery vital app for android users. For example, I want to send a picture of my newborn son to my cousin, but am paranoid about her friends or anybody accidentally seeing it. I will take or chose a decoy picture then set it to be seen on top of the real picture (my son's picture) so that any person who sees it, can never know that there is another picture deep-seated behind the cover. Same to message.

This app will solve your fears invade you have a secret you want to share with a friend or relative. Within the app, there is a share button which lets you share your coded messages with others. There is also a data compression provision so you can resize the images to the size compatible to the end recipient's use. You can encrypt both messages and images behind decoy images making your contents a top secret only for you and the recipient. Steganography requires Android devices running Android 4.0 and above. There is another related app I can recommend called PixelKnot. It has the same encryption functionalities as steganography. PixelKnot is available on Apk Press for free.

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File Name: Steganography_v1.3.apk
Version: 1.3
Size: 1.9 MB
Uploaded on: February 25, 2018
No of Downloads: 217
Minimum Android Version: 5.0+
MD5 Hash: e5b7f476515148205a2b78197aca70d2

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