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File Size: 6.5 MB Version: 3.0.1

Download Roehsoft RAM Expander APK file latest version and speed up your phone today. While our mobile devices come with specific sizes of the random access memory (RAM), they may be required to run tasks that require far much more than the RAM they come with. In such a case, you are left with a hanging device that slows you down.

Honestly speaking, you have no way to increase the RAM of your device and you may be forced to remove the app or simply stop using it. However, all that comes to an end once you download Roehsoft RAM Expander APK file latest version. With this app, you get a lot of helpful features including;

  • Swapfile RAM expansion of up to 4 gigabytes which is the file system limit

  • Use your memory card as your RAM memory

  • There is no limit to the partition of the SD card you can partition as the RAM.

  • You have a widget on the home screen to readily swap the RAM memory between the SD card and the internal RAM.

  • It has the autorun rile

  • A detailed breakdown of the memory usage and its analysis

  • There is no memory degradation which is a common occurrence for using the SD card from class-8

  • The swappiness kernel parameter is readily set

  • Easy to use given the friendly user interface

  • Supports a majority of Android devices making it a great app for all users.

Using this app means that you can buy a cheap device with a single gigabyte of RAM memory then upgrade that to 4 gigabytes to play your favorite games here. That means playing better games, running more and heavier tasks at once, and a generally faster device. Start off by checking the compatibility of the app with your device before making a purchase.

ROEHSOFT-RAM-Expander File Details

File Name: ROEHSOFT-RAM-Expander-28SWAP29_v3.01pakage.apk
Version: 3.0.1
Size: 6.5 MB
Uploaded on: August 18, 2017
No of Downloads: 22939
Minimum Android Version: 1.6
MD5 Hash: 1dcdef41bca477b0c5ec3b44cfa7af89

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