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Here is another one from F-Droid. Download oandbackup apk file new version for android for free. This app is so crucial to every android smartphone owner. You can afford to miss it on your smartphone. A very sleek app but yet it really can save you a great deal. Oandbackup is a product of F-Droid client. This is a free version of Oandbackup.

Oandbackup is an android app backup tool on your smartphone. You can use Oandbackup app to make backups of apps on your android phone in real time. You can also restore those backed up apps at the time best convenient to you. Backing up apps and data is a very important thing. You can restore them invade anything goes south with your smartphone where you have to flash a stock ROM.Remember flashing a ROM removes everything stored on the ROM disk. You can not be able to restore them. You can get to appoint where you have no other option other than flashing your phone. It can be in the case of a multifunction of the phone, or maybe you have forgotten the unlock key, or in case of a virus attack. When you have your app back up, you can remove your SD card, flash your phone and then insert again into the phone and restore all your apps and their data. Download Oandbackup apk file free for android and start your app backup.

Oandbackup app has got a really pretty interface and fully functional features. You can back up individual app, or you can do a multiple back up of the apps. It is easy to restore backed up apps and data. Your phone has to be rooted first. Rooting your phone is advantageous because it gives you unlimited use and functionality of your smartphone. But for information about rooting a smartphone, research online on google. To use Oandbackup app, you require Android version 4+. You will also require a busy box installation. You will download busy box on Google play store. You can also download Titanium backup app. It is also an app backup tool with more functionalities. It is available on apk press for free.

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Uploaded on: January 28, 2018
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Minimum Android Version: 2.1
MD5 Hash: 7b714b2c8668b3e1f63d852d8eaf1213

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