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Here is zANTI APK file download for android. These days are days that almost everything has been digitized. Even in banking sectors, transactions and money transfers are being done electronically using our high-end smartphones. With the inclusion of wireless radio chips in our smartphones, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are now must-have features on smartphones for they are unique and useful in file sharing, internet sharing, and video streaming. When you have a Wi-Fi enabled smartphone, you can either share internet or your phone's content with others by creating a wireless network called "hotspot" or rather, you can join a wireless network of another phone, Wi-Fi router or a public wireless network. But where there are many people sharing a wireless network, there are always those whose motives are not positive. There are users who spread malware, hack other system users and steal vital information. That's why if you are an android user, you have to have an app that can protect you from such. Download Zanti APK file for android and you will keep these benefits it brings to smartphone users. There are always reasons why you should always, st all times stay protected.

Zanti is an app that acts as an inspector between you and the wireless networks you have joined. Remember there are always uncertainties that come with joining Wi-Fi network. More so those insecure ones. Insecure networks can be baits to lure you into a death trap. Whenever you join unsecured networks you have no idea about, you might be exposing yourself to many things that will compromise your personal information. Download Zanti APK for android and you will be safe.

This app is a mobile testing tool that enables people to access the risk level of a wireless network so as to curb any attacker before they strike to compromise the network. Scan the network to identify back door and brute force attacks, DNS and protocol-oriented attacks by use of comprehensive and customizable scans. It is said that prevention is better than cure. Download Zanti APK free version and get your wireless network covered and hack-free. It is worth the hustle.

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File Name: com.zimperium.zanti-2.5.0.apk_.html
Version: 2.5.0
Size: 0.1 MB
Uploaded on: January 4, 2018
No of Downloads: 324
Minimum Android Version: 4.0
MD5 Hash: fb3e456a29e6a4f49305ae63eaf9529e

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