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File Size: 1.6 MB Version: 3.8

Download Tasker android apk on your smartphone and customize your phone to your desired taste. This app is free for download here. Manage your device using Tasker and get the most out of your android device. Tasker is compatible on all android platform starting from Android 5.0 and higher.

Android is a smartphones operating system used by many people in the world. Its the most used followed by iPhone Operating system (IOS), BlackBerry operating system and others. Android is liked by many because of its flexibility and ability to be customized for users own benefits. There are a lot of things you can do to customize your smartphone on the android operating system. Because of this, developers have invested in developing very good applications for Android users that utilize the android system to the benefit of the users. One of the best apps developed for Android is Tasker app.

Have you ever imagined setting your android to perform functions for you just by giving it automated commands for it to automatically execute? If automating your smartphone has been your dream achievement, then download Tasker apk. It's just what you need.

Tasker is like your servant on your phone. You give it instructions on what you want it yo do for you, and Tasker will get it done perfectly. Using Tasker, all you do is sett a list of commands you wish to have your phone to do and specify the actions you wish to be performed when those commands are executed. For example, many people always reduce their phones' backlights when nighttime comes. You can automate your phone and set it with a command to minimize the screen's backlight whenever it gets a specific time say, 7 pm and sets it back to normal at 8 Am. That's just one. But there are many commands you can set.

The following are some of the commands you can set on Tasker:

Set your phone to start music player after inserting an SD card.  Set your phone to dim backlight at a specific time of the night and set it back to normal during the day. Set your phones ringer to go on silent when you get to a set location and bring it back to normal again when you leave that location. (Vital when you get to your place of work like in an office). It's annoying to keep touching your screen to keep it on when reading a document or surfing the internet. You can also set commands to keep the backlight on while you are using specific browsers or documents. You can set your phone to read a text message loud immediately it is received, phone calls and other notifications.

There are many, in fact so many commands you can do with Tasker. Simply download Tasker and set your phone to do what you want while you are relaxed. Tasker is an app that shouldn't miss on your phone. Root is not a must.

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File Name: taskbar-3-8.apk
Version: 3.8
Size: 1.6 MB
Uploaded on: December 19, 2017
No of Downloads: 217
Minimum Android Version: 5.0
MD5 Hash: feca6545c297b8aface71a5550cd1839

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