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Download Sarahah APK File For Android

Posted in: Social Developer: Sarahah
File Size: 9.0 MB Version: 2.1.4-214

Download Sarahah APK File for Android For Free here on our website. This APK has won many people’s hearts. The only problem is that it is not featured on Google Play Store. But it is no longer a problem again for you can find and download Sarahah APK File here and install it on your Android smartphone just for free. This application is just the best and you will surely enjoy using it.

Sarahah APK is a free Android anonymous chatting application. You can download it and install it o your Android smartphone and tablet if you have any. Sarahah APK offers free, fast, safe and amazing chatting experience for users. With Sarahah APK, you can link up with friends and chat with both friends and any other new people you meet online. Since the internet has got many users, many times exposing your personal details poses some risk to you. You might find yourself in problems with fraudsters and other people that might want to harass you online. Sarahah APK makes sure that that doesn’t happen to you by keeping your details unknown. The only thing that is known is just your name, which you set to your own preference. You can chat with other people that you meet online or those that you have already been friends with. There is no single personal detail of yours is exposed unless you personally disclose it with the person you are communicating with.

Sarahah APK has a search engine integrated where you can search for friends both those that are already on friends list and new ones from the internet. To wrap it up, Sarahah APK has got a very amazing user interface that makes the app look very beautiful. Find and download Sarahah APK File For Android Latest version. Just click The download link below and download Sarahah APK File from our secure sources.

Sarahah File Details

File Name: sarahah.apk
Version: 2.1.4-214
Size: 9.0 MB
Uploaded on: November 14, 2018
No of Downloads: 109
Minimum Android Version: 4.0
MD5 Hash: 9bdb641180c7e4e81a348d8a666c70fc

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