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File Size: 2.0 MB Version: 3.7

Have you ever heard of CF Lumen? If you are looking for CF Lumen APK, Then you have just looked in the right place. Find and Download CF Lumen APK File Latest version for Android for free here on our website and install it on your Android smartphone. CF Lumen APK is quite an amazing app and it is worth a try. Download CF Lumen here and kindly try it out. It is worth your effort.

CF lumen is just 0.68MBS. With this small size, CF Lumen comes with great features and power you will really like to have on your smartphone. CF lumen adapts the colour of your Android smartphone depending on which part of the day. For example, when the sun goes down from sunset, the screen will change to a warmer colour which reduces the blue light from your backlight. This reduces strain on your eyes. CF Lumen protects you from the blue colour in your backlight which reduces eye strain which may prevent you from sleeping. CF Lumen, by night time, will change and use a red filter during sleeping hours. Red filter strains the eye and the brain the least than other colour filters. During day time or in bright lights, FC Lumen will by default switch to normal light which enables you to use your smartphone comfortably without straining your eyes. The light sensing ability is varies depending on the type of smartphone you are using and CF Lumen APK comes with a calibration setting where you can calibrate these settings to fit your phone and liking. If you are colour blind or for people with colour blindness disability, CF lumen covers you by inverting colours from images and your screen light to make sure you can use your smartphone in quite a better way.

Download CF Lumen APK File latest version for Android just for free here now. CF Lumen is a nice app to use. It considers your health by making sure you are shielded by rays from your backlight that might cause you harm by giving you sleepless nights or glare while using your phone. It is quite a great app that you will not want to miss on your Android smartphone.

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File Name: cf-lumen-3-70.apk
Version: 3.7
Size: 2.0 MB
Uploaded on: December 25, 2017
No of Downloads: 176
Minimum Android Version: 5.0
MD5 Hash: 679fdf7abb8d7670762b1980c5bb6148

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