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File Size: 0.1 MB Version: 1.0

Download app patcher apk file new version for android for free. App patcher is a nice and intriguing app which is lightweight and fits perfectly on your android phone.  App patcher is just less than 4mbs in size yet its functionality is just amazingly adorable. Download app patcher apk here for free. You pay nothing for downloading apk file. The app is also safe from malware. App patcher supports the latest android versions from the most ancient android 1.5 and above. Chances that it will be incompatible with your smartphone are slim.

App patcher is categorized in the category of tools.  Every app on your smartphone stores a significant amount of data while in use. Much of this app is send directly back to their particular servers bit some is just stored or kept on your smartphone's storage disk. App patcher now enables you to see or check some of this data on your phone. This is efficient for it is better to look at the activities and data of the apps you have on your phone. There are some data which is very important to you for it is stored directly on your phone as cached data. Remember this catches data is like the memory stored by these apps to keep them from restoring previous data and functioning effectively.

Download app patcher apk file for android. Allow installation of a third party or non-market apps by going to settings>>security>>unknown sources and enable it. Download the app now and now install it directly. Open the app. Within the app, there is a list of the apps you have pre-installed on your phone. You can chose the app of your choice to view it's app data on your phone. If you are 'app-hollic' and you have quite a number of apps on your phone, don't worry about scrolling down the long list. There is a search bar provided where you can type in the name of the app you want. Remember you can only search the apps you have already pre-installed on your phone.

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App-patcher-1-0 Apk File Details

File Name: app-patcher-1-0.apk_.html
Version: 1.0
Size: 0.1 MB
Uploaded on: February 27, 2018
No of Downloads: 919
Minimum Android Version: 4.1
MD5 Hash: 8af96acf52f2971140557abff920ebbe

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