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File Size: 13.7 MB Version: 1.3.8 (49)

Download cryptography apk file new version here for free. The apk file is malware free and ready for download. We provide original and pure apps for download. Cryptography is a good app for people who are interested in coding. If you are a student undertaking a computer or computer related course, or you are just a regular technology enthusiast and you want to learn to code, this app can just do you a lot of favor.  Previously, this app was only available on Android tablets. But now, it is available on both Android and iPhone operating system users.

Cryptography is derived from two keywords: "crypto" meaning "encryption" and 'graphy'. Meaning the study of. Cryptography, therefore, is an app that is basically a tutorial app that teaches people techniques of encryption. Encryption is coding a message or file of any type in a way that it is hidden and can not be revealed without a certain code or method. To reveal a coded message or file is known as decryption. People encrypt messages or files for confidential and privacy purposes. You can encrypt a photo, a music file, a document or a message with a code whereby it cannot be exposed off its content without a decryption code. Download cryptography apk file for android and install it.  You will learn more about the techniques of encryption. You will learn how to encrypt messages and also how to crack the coded ones.

After encryption of messages, these now coded messages can now be sent to recipients who can now afterward use cryptography app to now try to decrypt or Unicode those coded messages. In my opinion, this app is good and does what it says. It is good for learning purposes. During this age of computers and advancing technology, it is always a good thing to keep one's self abreast of the dynamics of technology. Learning these new tricks of coding and encryption is better too. For confidential and privacy purposes, download cryptography apk file free version here, install, open it and start your journey of coding, learning from this hood app. This app is a free app. If you are interested in coding messages, download pixelknot apk and encrypt messages behind images.

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File Name: com.nitramite.cryptography.apk
Version: 1.3.8 (49)
Size: 13.7 MB
Uploaded on: January 14, 2018
No of Downloads: 285
Minimum Android Version: 4.1
MD5 Hash: b531465e62d8333030c3fcc039bdcf45

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