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Are you tired with those annoying ads? Download AdClear apk file new version for free and keep those annoying ads at bay. It becomes annoying when you are in the midst of a nerve cracking game, eager to score the only few remaining points to ascend to the next level you have been trying to reach, then allover sudden, the game stops and a big screen pops up with an advertisement! Or, you are reading your emails, wanting to respond to an order you have requested on an online shopping site then, Bang!!! An advert pops up! The most annoying thing is that such ads appear at a point where you are doing something very critical on your phone. It might leave you clicking and cursing out loud. Some of those ads require subscription. Sometimes you can be subscribed to a service that is not useful to you and you are charged fees for those subscriptions. Or rather, it can be someone or a site somewhere, trying to dig a straw into your phone to siphon your most important details including bank details and credit card information by sending you apps and services which are just a decoy to get your email adress and some personal details. Beware of such ads.

With these days of cyber crimes, there are all reasons to be worried of any bone thrown at you. It might be bait to your demise. To have someone taking care of this at the comfort of your phone, download ad clear apk file for android. This app works as your ads gatekeeper. It operates in the background giving you peace of mind as you browse, play games and surf the internet. AdClear is a good app for both rooted and non rooted phones. So you don't have to worry if you are rooted or not. It will be fine on your phone. AdClear works in a way that it creates a VPN on your phone while in the background to filter ads traffic even before they reach you.

AdClear has the ability to selectively filter ads for specific applications according to your choice. As I have mentioned ubove, it works for both rooted and non-rooted phones. It doesn't matter if you are rooted or not. AdClear is free. No payment. Besides tuning in the background, its battery friendly for not draining your battery dry. If you have a problem with your battery juice, you are covered. AdClear blocks ads even those within apps. It goes harder on advertisers who encrypt adds for it doesn't go easy on them. It blocks even those encrypted ones. You can also see logs of the blocked advertisements. It works with both WIFI and mobile data. So whichever data plan you are using, AdClear will still have you covered. I can guarantee you that AdClear is worth having. It won't have your phone lagging. It is smooth and friendly. Download AdClear apk file for android for free and get yourself covered without the fear of ad pop-ups.

AdClear will do the work for you. Download AdClear, install it and let your ads blocker servant work for you. There is also a similar application known as Adskip. It also works perfectly when it comes to adblocking.

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File Name: adclear-v8-0-0-505987-non-root-full-version-ad-blocker.apk
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Uploaded on: January 5, 2018
No of Downloads: 241
Minimum Android Version: 4.0
MD5 Hash: e1e41dd619d61c5dcc4fb3c02c552c88

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