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Bouncer APK For Android Free

Posted in: Tools Developer: Sam Ruston
File Size: 2.8 MB Version: 1.22.2

Download Bouncer APK File latest version for Android for free here. If you have been looking for Bouncer APK File online, then look no more. You can find and download Bouncer for Android free here. The bouncer is a very good Android smartphone app with great functionalities that you will require on your Android smartphone. Find and install Bouncer free for Android here. Bouncer APK is an app that gives you temporary app permissions on your phone.

Download Bouncer APK for Android for free. Bouncer gives you permission to give apps temporary permissions. When we buy Android smartphones, these phones come with pre-installed applications from the manufacturer. But after we start using the phones, we tend to start using other apps from other app stores online. When you first start using an app just after installation, these apps will require that you give them permanent permission to access different features on your phone. When you have given these apps permission, these apps will permanently have access to the features on your phone as long as they are installed. Bouncer has come to do things differently. With bouncer APK, you can only grant app-specific permission only when you are using that app. After you close the app, the app will not access the permissions to the features. For example, if you want to use a camera app to take a photo but not to tag the location of that photo, with Bouncer APK for Android, you can give permission to the camera and not to the location services.

Download Bouncer APK File latest version for Android here for free. Bouncer makes sure that the apps only use the permission you have allowed them temporarily while using the app. After you close the apps, those permissions are invalidated until you give permission again when you want to use the app. This way, Bouncer can be used as a battery-saving app because it prevents apps from using some features in the background thus draining your battery juice. Bouncer also prevents apps from spying on you while using or having permission over specific features on your phone in the background. You can use Bouncer for Android without the fear of apps spying on you. Download Bouncer APK File for Android free.


Bouncer APK File File Details

File Name: Bouncer-APK-File.apk
Version: 1.22.2
Size: 2.8 MB
Uploaded on: February 26, 2021
No of Downloads: 31
Minimum Android Version: 7.0
MD5 Hash: c48afed643a9754a91cf698693964b27

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